Renault Twingo Evaporator
  • Renault Twingo Evaporator

Renault Twingo Evaporator

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RENAULT TWINGO 1997 74*235*238 LAMINATED Car AC Evaporator Coil

All ACTECMAX products are the full equivalent to original automobile parts, since they come from the same production facilities. This includes our full line of air conditioning evaporator cores, including expanded-tube, serpentine, laminated, and parallel flow type evaporators among others. Other replacement brands aren’t the equivalent of ACTECMAX though; our delivery time is 50% faster, our one-year warranty is longer, our service is faster, and our product reliability is better.

Evaporator cores create cooling by absorbing heat, thereby transforming liquid under low temperature & pressure to a gas state. To make efficient, precise auto evaporators ACTECMAX exclusively uses 100% pure, new aluminum for several important reasons. Among these is the fact that aluminum transmits heats efficiently (three times more so than iron in fact). Despite this, it also has low temperature resistance, meaning brittleness actually decreases and tensile strength increases under low temperatures. Though famously anti-rust by nature, we coat the aluminum in a dense film of oxidation-resistant material to further bolster this characteristic. Of course, aluminum is also lightweight which is always an advantage for vehicle components.

Since aluminum products are easily deformed, however, packaging of such parts is important to ensure they arrive without impacts or oxidation. ACTECMAX therefore only use class B paper for the first layer of wrapping, and include special padding inside the box to prevent any direct pressing or other cause of damage to the evaporators. We also take special care to make sure the items are vacuum-sealed for even more assurance against oxidation.

We not only take care with the materials used and packaging, but with the production and total quality assurance as well. Both employ strict processes and procedures, with most manufacturing steps being highly automated and precise to make strict QC (conducted at each step in the entire supply chain process) and on-time delivery even easier and more reliable. All the above added up means an easy decision for you: ACTECMAX is your obvious choice for an evaporator core, just as it is for customers around the world.

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