Sacania Truck Condenser
  • Sacania Truck Condenser

Sacania Truck Condenser

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OEM# 1449757,

NISSENS# 94538

SIZE 820*450*26 

Discerning customers for mid-range and top-end, aftermarket vehicle air conditioner condensers seek out the ACTECMAX brand. Why? In short, because being made in the same factories, they are just as good as the OEM parts they are meant to replace.  For that reason, they are more reliable, more efficient, and longer-lasting than comparable aftermarket choices. What’s more - just like all ACTECMAX products - with a better warranty, faster delivery, and great service our condensers are the best value available otherwise.

Construction exclusively from 100% pure, new aluminum offers several advantages. Firstly it makes the evaporator coil, and therefore the vehicle, lighter. Aluminum is also easily conducts heat three times faster than iron, yet has low temperature resistance. This means at low temperatures tensile strength actually increases and brittleness decreases. Also, the evaporator surface is reinforced with a special dense film for further protection against oxidation.

Ensuring those materials are made into a great finished product, though, requires strict adherence to exacting processes, including various precise tests. These are carried out not only during manufacturing but also pre- and post-production. Examples include salt-spray for anti-corrosion testing, anti-leak testing with helium gas, and seismic response testing. Production itself is mostly automated, and therefore already optimized and extremely consistent.

That equipment and workflow automation means ACTECMAX is well able to guarantee both the product for one year and delivery within 30 days (often as quickly as 10 days in fact!). For our distribution partners across the globe, MOQ is only 50 pcs. for each discrete item. For end-users, that means what you want is likely already in-stock locally, from a knowledgeable ACTECMAX service partner.

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