Universal Evaporator Unit
  • Universal Evaporator Unit

Universal Evaporator Unit

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single cool

RC.740.058  12V

RC.740.059  24V

For mid-range to high-end aftermarket automobile evaporator units, ACTECMAX is clearly the top value and top choice around the world. Like all ACTECMAX components, these units are always 100% original construction, from 100% new materials - never reconditioned, no recycled materials. In fact, they match any OEM evaporator on the market for a simple reason - they come from the same fully automated production at the same OEM factories.

The unit casings are from high-quality ABS polymer (acrylonitrile butadiene styrene) for toughness, high impact-resistance, and high heat-resistance. The great blower motors inside are rated for stable, consistent performance over a minimum of 2500 hours. That status is only granted, however, after the blower wheel sub-assemblies have undergone strict dynamic balance testing to ensure low-noise and low-vibration throughout a long working life. Electronic resistors, meanwhile, come with their own plastic coverings as they are sensitive parts needing further protection.

All that wouldn’t be enough, of course, without diligent production, careful quality control, and firm packaging, which of course are the standards all ACTECMAX items are offered under. With all that in place, it should be no surprise then that these products carry a longer warranty than the competition. You might not expect the delivery time to be faster though, but it is - guaranteed within 30 days in each of numerous countries ACTECMAX is sold in.

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